Studying thru COVID19

These Are Strange Times
Thankfully The Internet
Gives Us All A Lifeline

This period of forced isolation is making everyone think differently about how we live day to day. Already for many the internet has provided a means of communication with the world yet most interactions are still carried out face to face. No longer.

This page will update with the ongoing situation

We have started delivering the LMW (Ealing library) Beginners IT classes by telephone, text and email. Send in your question and I’ll reply or call you back. Currently sessions on a Tuesday and Friday.


Many of you will be finding you’ve a lot of time on your hands in the current situation! Traditionally we’ve run attendance classes it colleges and within community spaces but now we must move online for everyone’s safety.

We are looking to set up and support learners completely remotely. Initially this will be our online Beginners’ IT classes rolling out at first in west and north London, but potentially nation wide.

There is also the possibility of supporting GCSE / BTEC studies students with phone or online tutorials. Now that the GCSE exam are postponed or cancelled this year, assessment will based on coursework instead.