Training Programmes

We run a range of courses, some continuously others on demand. Some programmes are full courses whilst others are individual tuition support. .. classroom & remote training .. Computing For Beginners Classroom Beginners’ classes (Ealing) […]

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FAQ – Remote Support

We are currently rolling out remote classes as face to face learner support is impossible. We do expect this to become permanently available as the procedures evolve and delivery is proven successful. Telephone support has […]

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Student Zone

Welcome, the Student Zone contains your profile and management, along with news and help specifically for our students. Category: students   Share this by: Share on E-mail Share on SMS Share on WhatsApp Share on […]

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About Us – Welcome


Welcome to the new Springstep Learning, with information about courses, remote learning, 1-to-1 classes and other training. We focus on teaching skills not packages – there is plenty of free software available to learn on (and use), we dont expect learners to have to buy tools. WE can of course teach packages too, on request.

Learn the skill, Apply to a problem

Increase confidence, Become independent

We run training sessions in Primrose Hill in North West London, and Ealing in West London. Springstep Learning is also used to deliver Further and Higher education courses online

Most of our courses started out as the classes at HE / FE universities and colleges, and at the community groups we delivered. See more about our training